Danny Barnes

About singing: can you suggest things for a person to bear in mind when trying to sing better?

Danny Barnes responded on 01/24/2017

shucks, if i knew much about this i would be a much better singer myself. i've only had about three voice lessons in my life but i'll share what i know. if you are just beginning, i would say you want to get your pitches together, there's stuff online. you want to learn your intervals, major 3rd etc. and what they sound like. you want to figure out what your range actually is. and if you are performing/recording you want to figure out how to sing into a mic right.
a simple thing is to make sure you are not clamping down with your throat and that your throat is open and relaxed. alcohol and smoking dry out your voice. talking a lot on the days you are trying to sing is not the best idea. i'd learn some form of warm-up. i'd try to make sure you are getting the meaning of the poetry across. what does the song say or mean?

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