Danny Barnes

Danny, can't stop listening to Stove Up. Wonderful work! I've played banjo for awhile and this was the first exposure to Don Stover and its very inspiring. Did you use any source material (other than just the records), keep any of your written notations/transcription of the banjo tab (available for sale), or ever do Skype lessons?

You're the man,


Danny Barnes responded on 03/03/2017

no i don't have any of the ideas written down. it was all in my head and heart. what i was trying to do was to play like don as close as i could in terms of feel and sound. no i haven't done lessons in a very long time. sometimes i work on workshops and stuff but not very often. perhaps at some point i'll get back into that, but not in the near future i suppose. i appreciate your listening and reaching out to say something positive. bless you.

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