Danny Barnes

I'm trying to make music a career... I'm struggling to get my music to larger audiences. Any advice and Any fatal mistakes you could think of that alot of newbies in the music industry make?

Danny Barnes responded on 03/15/2017

well, i worked really hard on this essay you should be able to easily google. it's been passed around a bunch for years. also i'm not really the greatest person to ask, i'm not...at the top of the game or whatever, i'm a specialty artist. but that said, i think a good place to start is to master something. become a master of either songwriting, singing, playing an instrument, or having ideas. it's possible to get very rich ignoring this {sell all your rights immediately, be very good looking, have rich parents, get on a "reality" show}, just by being clever, but by doggies the music ends up being shite. if you want to be a master, find a master. study your tail off. i see hundreds and hundreds of bands every year containing members that haven't mastered anything. some do very well financially but i still can't make it through the record. it's going to take at least ten years of full time work [50-60 hours a week] on anything to be very good at all. i'd study art in general as well.

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