Danny Barnes

Gotta say, love your lyrics and your singing. It goes without saying that you rip on the guitar and banjo (and just about any other instrument), and that you are a top-notch song writer, recorder, artist. I am always looking for music that has humor and pathos all rolled together, preferably with a structure that feels solid yet unfamiliar. I already own all of your releases, and they make up 75% of what I have been happily listening to for the last twenty years. I never get tired of what you have produced - from the livers to the oft mended raiment to dirt on the angel to rocket to ambient works to jr sampled to stove up. Any recommendations of other artists that you think produce music with a similar vibe? Any genre or era is ok with me, so lob us one from left field if you don't mind. Over and out...keep up the great work.

Danny Barnes responded on 04/07/2017

well, i don't really know anyone that is "similar" too much but this is a list of masters i have played with, studied and worked with. vassar clements, chubby wise, ronny lane, santiago jimenez, tim o'brien, bill frisell. some other genres that have influenced my thing is 78rpm records from america's past, ambient music, noise and the avant-garde, the fluxus, 70's dub, various punk rock. thank you very much for your kind words.

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