Danny Barnes

Hi Danny, I've got tickets for your upcoming show near Washington, DC on April 27. I imagine you'll play some of Stove Up. After all, this is a traditional bluegrass area. But some of us enjoy experimental and improvised music. I'm talking about the kind you put out on Junior Sampled and Shri 108, or that you played with Mimi Naja and Tyler Thompson at Mac's Place. I'm saying bring your bass and your electronics. Get funky! There'll be at least two people in the audience with shit-eating grins on their faces if you do that! That's me and my wife. If you just play straight up bluegrass, I'm not gonna get laid.

Danny Barnes responded on 04/07/2017

well, i'm playing stuff off my new cd, so that's how that's gonna go, that's kinda the whole point of me coming 3000 miles away from my couch. sorry about that.

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