Danny Barnes

Danny, Stove Up is wonderful! thanks for introducing me to Don's music a while back. I have been enjoying Things in Life ever since - really nice record. Again, as is Stove Up. Condolences to you for the passing of your mom (anyone who has listened to oft mended raiment many times know's the sound of your mom's voice well). RIP as well Skillet (who I had the pleasure of meeting at the tractor tavern during the release concert for Dirt on the Angel). Thank you for bringing the spirit of Don into the light for those who had not known of him. As I reckon I am supposed to ask a question: what keeps you busy these days outside of music? Perhaps, after taking care of head and home (and family) as one gets older - it gets harder to stay well rounded except around the waistline. Over the years, I recall you being into motorcycles, skateboards, sailing, target shooting, and many other things. Do you still have time to pursue side hobbies? And if so, what are a few?

Danny Barnes responded on 04/17/2017

thank you for saving something nice. i've really just been working really hard, i haven't been doing much except that really. banjo playing, touring and recording are about it. i've been walking on the beach every day when i'm home and walking my dog and meditating, but haven't really been doing any hobby stuff in the last couple of years. it would be in my interest to slow down and so forth.

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