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I looking to start experimenting with some home recording on a windows based PC. It would mainly be banjo and vocals. Is there a DAW and input/mic setup that you would recommend for basic home recording?

In the introduction to Steel Guitar Rag at your recent Durango Arts Center show you said that you weren't sure if Don Stover had Steel Guitar Rag in his repertoire. I was listening to Don Stover and the White Oak Mountain Boys record on youtube the other day and they perform it on that record 2nd to last track. Thought you might be interested in hearing it so here's the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDekOWKE32I.

Thanks for all the music and words!

Danny Barnes responded on 05/04/2017

i think ardour is pretty great. there's a free version of tracktion as well. both of those are good. you need a basic interface. i wouldn't get one that's tricky, just a basic audio interface that uses USB. [check your computer has that]. i'd get a shure sm57. you can find those used and they are great. i've made whole records with them. that should do you, oh and a set of basic over the ear headphones. total cost of all this is about 200 bucks if you already have the computer. yes i have that record on vinyl and forgot about that track paul thanks for reminding me that's awesome.

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Danny, Stove Up is wonderful! thanks for introducing me to Don's music a while back. I have been enjoying Things in Life ever since - really nice record. Again, as is Stove Up. Condolences to you for the passing of your mom (anyone who has listened to oft mended raiment many times know's the sound of your mom's voice well). RIP as well Skillet (who I had the pleasure of meeting at the tractor tavern during the release concert for Dirt on the Angel). Thank you for bringing the spirit of Don into the light for those who had not known of him. As I reckon I am supposed to ask a question: what keeps you busy these days outside of music? Perhaps, after taking care of head and home (and family) as one gets older - it gets harder to stay well rounded except around the waistline. Over the years, I recall you being into motorcycles, skateboards, sailing, target shooting, and many other things. Do you still have time to pursue side hobbies? And if so, what are a few?

Danny Barnes responded on 04/17/2017
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I love your records, those last two are so great and in addition offer an interesting contrast in playing and in sound.

Did you do the recordings very differently due to one being the open back banjo played without picks vs the bluegrass banjo with the picks? Different microphones or anything?

You really show, across the many recordings you've made, the great range of sound the banjo can make, as well as its artistic potential.

Danny Barnes responded on 06/05/2017
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