Danny Barnes

I love your records, those last two are so great and in addition offer an interesting contrast in playing and in sound.

Did you do the recordings very differently due to one being the open back banjo played without picks vs the bluegrass banjo with the picks? Different microphones or anything?

You really show, across the many recordings you've made, the great range of sound the banjo can make, as well as its artistic potential.

Danny Barnes responded on 06/05/2017

thank you for noticing and saying something positive about my work. well the stove up recording was made in a commercial studio and the got myself together one was made at my kitchen table. so yes the micing would be different etc. it's a little tricky to engineer oneself. it's easier to play, and let someone else do that, or engineer for someone else, or treat you playing like a sample like i do on the more modern sounding releases. thanks again.

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