Danny Barnes

Hey, Danny, I don't have a question, just wanted to say thanks. I've been playing guitar for years -- acoustic, travis-picking style. But my hearing has been failing for years and I finally had to get a cochlear implant just to function in my job (the kind of job with meetings at big tables and you'd better be able to hear people). Though I still play the guitar, it's not the same -- the quality of a guitar's sound suffers with the cochlear. But I picked up an inexpensive banjo at a great guitar store (in Evanston, Illinois) and I found that the sound of a banjo works really well for me. No problem hearing and appreciating that twangy, metalic, sharp pitch. Anyway, I've been teaching myself to make banjo sounds I like -- and your instructional videos on youtube really help. For one thing, you give people permission to do it their way. Transferring from guitar, that's nice. So thanks, for the friendly and down-to-earth help. I can still make music now.

Tom McNamee

Danny Barnes responded on 06/05/2017

hey man thanks. that's really cool about the banjo and your hearing. i'm glad the banjo fits in that range better for you. that's really nice to hear.

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