Danny Barnes

Hi Danny, when are you coming to the Bay Area?
You should come out and jam with Bill Evans at the Kensington Circus Pub!! Please let me know if you come to California would definitely come out and support!

Danny Barnes responded on 05/08/2018

i appreciate your reaching out to say something positive. i can't really invite you personally but the information isn't hidden, it'll be on an email blast going out before the tour, and you can also peek at my gig page etc. it's like the old days.

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Er, well okay let's go ! M. barnes, I first discovered your sound in The Willies Bill Frisell album and loved it. Coming from the drums, i've been involved in banjo for about ten years. Playing own stuff and Zappa covers. I first practiced a lot with picks and the rolls but felt kind of "blocked". I then removed the resonator and started to work on the hum-dee-dee clawhammer / frailing technique. A revelation ! I felt connected with Africa, with the guys in Appalaches ! To be fare, i'm not really involved in banjo music, I like rock, punk, funk and contemporary music. I'm really in awe of your work and try to get some inspiration making my own music and keep relieving banjo from the clich├ęs (I must record I know). My question is very down to earth : how do you combine the various hand techniques (besides working hard on it I mean). And second : When do you come to Europe to play gigs ???

Danny Barnes responded on 05/08/2018
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Time for some Barnes brain picking!

I noticed that during your show with Jeff Sipe at the Isis in Asheville NC that you were running your Barnes Bishline into a boss tuner/MXR microamp/JHS colour box/ to the PA. This seems like kind of a unique setup and I'm curious how you like it.

At various points I've heard you mention Lee Scratch Perry's Super Ape and Dr Alimantado's Best Dressed Chicken in Town as records that were influential on you and I'm curious what stands out about these specific albums for you.

Thanks for all the music and words!

Danny Barnes responded on 11/03/2018
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