Danny Barnes

Time for some Barnes brain picking!

I noticed that during your show with Jeff Sipe at the Isis in Asheville NC that you were running your Barnes Bishline into a boss tuner/MXR microamp/JHS colour box/ to the PA. This seems like kind of a unique setup and I'm curious how you like it.

At various points I've heard you mention Lee Scratch Perry's Super Ape and Dr Alimantado's Best Dressed Chicken in Town as records that were influential on you and I'm curious what stands out about these specific albums for you.

Thanks for all the music and words!

Danny Barnes responded on 11/03/2018

well i like it pretty good that way. i went through periods where i used a lot of pedals. maybe getting rid of a bunch. being amplified isn't my favorite scene because it turns into yet another instrument, nonetheless the barnes banjo is a good tool for that application.

great question! one point is, i had those records when they were brand new and in a sense it was a really different world then, specifically all the music that has happened AFTER that hadn't happened yet. they were the most far out things i could get ahold of where i was at, and there was a "language" and aesthetic so to speak. very enjoyable listening on a lot of levels.

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