Danny Barnes

Saw you in Northampton, MA a few years back. There were not many ppl at the show, but it was still one of my top 10 concerts! Thanks!

Danny Barnes responded on 11/03/2018

i'm glad you came to the gig. yes i'm a small artist, and most of my fans are all in bands. so mostly just musicians come. which is pretty cool.

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Time for some Barnes brain picking!

I noticed that during your show with Jeff Sipe at the Isis in Asheville NC that you were running your Barnes Bishline into a boss tuner/MXR microamp/JHS colour box/ to the PA. This seems like kind of a unique setup and I'm curious how you like it.

At various points I've heard you mention Lee Scratch Perry's Super Ape and Dr Alimantado's Best Dressed Chicken in Town as records that were influential on you and I'm curious what stands out about these specific albums for you.

Thanks for all the music and words!

Danny Barnes responded on 11/03/2018
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Hey man, i saw yer doodle about masters/craftsmen/dabblers and it got me thinking. Would love yer take on two things. First being, do you think it takes more than just practice to become a master? Im not asking the 'born with it' question so much as the "lived it" question. Uh, kinda uh, maybe a good example would be john hurt. Theres a master in my mind, but the dude lived his life and maybe came out richer for not being in the spotlight. Musically richer. Hope that kinda makes sense what im tryna get at. Something about an ivory tower. Anyway 2) at the craftsman level, i think a lot of folks on the path know what they can do and know what they strive for and also kniw the distance between. How might you reccomend a middling player to have confidence in what they do while they strive for something better?

Hope this made sense, and i know, the answer is peactice. Listening, playing, writing, repeat. Some insight would be cool though


Danny Barnes responded on 11/03/2018
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