Danny Barnes

Hi Danny, I am setting up a Bishline Harvest with LR Baggs pickup and venue preamp. How would you set the preamp as a starting point for the most natural sound?

Danny Barnes responded on 11/03/2018

well, a good research for you is exactly which frequencies each knob on the unit is ACTUALLY affecting.
generally just set it all flat first. it's kinda like making tea if you make it the way i make it you might not like it. but the banjo is tuned to G so lots of the frequencies that are multiples of G and so forth are gonna have little bumps depending. you can easily look up these numbers {frequency of exact pitch}. generally when you pick up a banjo you gotta rein in the high end if you dig. look for icepick trebly hurty at around 3K. look for body around 160 cycles. if you come up with a real crazy eq setting it's going to start messing with your phase, so ....best to let the surgical stuff go to the house guy or whatever. i think it doesn't wear the audience and you out both, if you soften up the overall tone. or darker rather than brighter. it's nice if it sounds like a real banjo except louder.

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