Danny Barnes

Hi Danny,

Really enjoying your current output and looking forward to next record. I've really been digging the echo session you did on YouTube. Great set and I love your guitar playing. I was hoping to ask some geeky questions about that.

I've recently got myself a banjo caster. I've heard you in interviews saying that you approach the guitar/ barnjo like a six string banjo but do you notice any changes in how you play?

For instance, I see you still wear picks- do you find you alter the angle of your right hand? Guitars are normally more parallel to the ground.

Also are there banjo things that you find don't work so well?- I've found Keith style banjo gets quite muddy/murky.

Thanks as ever for your time; I'm sorry that this might be interesting for me only.


Danny Barnes responded on 11/03/2018

you have to palm mute than kinda stuff. if you watch videos of pedal steel guitar guys, they use that "arpa" technique on their instrument and that's what they do.
i don't really drive what i do to much, i just kinda.....make a space and let something happen in that space. i try to make it sound good and if i do, i remember that..how to hold and hit the instrument etc. a lot of times i'm looking.

i use my fingers and picks {it depends on which videos you watch}. they do different things. depends on the song or idea. it's not so much that i'm thinking about what i'm doing, i'm just trying to make a good sound with whatever i have in my hands at the time, starting from space and trying to be in tune and starting with a good sound.

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