Danny Barnes

Hello Danny; hope you are well.

I was wondering how a musician should go about pricing his services. It seems everyone wants something for free, volunteering, internships, good exposure... How does someone starting along the session musician road value themselves?

Thank you

Danny Barnes responded on 12/27/2018

i think you put that value on there yourself. i wouldn't accept any input from someone that doesn't have a dog in the race giving you an opinion. only give something away if you want to and only give it to exactly the person you want or small entity. as far as sessions go, there's an unspoken fee that a person would charge in a town to put one part on one song. figure out what that is by asking, and start there. the union has a scale for this. i wouldn't be in no hurry to give away content. i wouldn't sign a release for anything unless you knew exactly what it was for.

i wouldn't put anything on anything for free unless i wanted to. you can barter of course. i did a session once for a whole box of unopened blank seven inch reels.

set your own value, stick to it, and if you need to wait a few tables or teach or work in a best buy to make ends meet so what?

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